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Construction & Industrial

Construction site, Large or Small, Heavy or light industrial operation? - I got you covered!

From project follow ups, control and documentation and all the way to producing base imagery and footage for CGI & Animations, Comprehensive view of your professional approach to how things get done properly, weather it's a small-scale scrapyard or a National scale infrastructure development.    

Shapir floating bridge casting over 12 hours in Tel Aviv

Heavy lift operation of Six Beams, 130 Tons each, 40 meters long. Hyperlapse based.

Railroad bridge beams lift operation 

Beit Gnazim Archive facility

Avrot protected steel pipes installation (Part 1)

Shafir Concrete company.

Gal Marine - Container Mikveh installation

Netivot urban development

'More' Investment firm, Sign installation

Jungheinrich EXK-516 Turret forklift - Arrival, Assembly & Operation.

Pelephone (Cellular service company) - Hanging two signs at the company's headquarters.

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