Construction & Industrial

Construction site, Large or Small, Heavy or light industrial operation? - I got you covered!

From project follow ups, control and documentation and all the way to producing base imagery and footage for CGI & Animations, Comprehensive view of your professional approach to how things get done properly, weather it's a small-scale scrapyard or a National scale infrastructure development.    

Industrial & Construction reel.

Heavy lift operation of Six Beams, 130 Tons each, 40 meters long. Hyperlapse based.

Jungheinrich EXK-516 Turret forklift - Arrival, Assembly & Operation.

WIX/Blue - Aerial work for C.G.I presentation.

Pelephone (Cellular service company) - Hanging two signs at the company's headquarters.

Shafir Concrete company.

Gal Marine - Container Mikveh installation

Netivot urban development