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Farmers of Israel unite!

Israel's finest Agricultural products across all seasons are known worldwide. 

Agri-Ops clips, commissioned by Harvest companies, help promoting and expressing the farmer's deep commitment for quality for both the domestic & Export customers.

Agriculture operation reel.

Migrating Pelicans mega colony during an alternative feed of unmarketable Fish in a large water reservoir, in an attempt to keep them away from commercial fish pools.

Epic Harvest operation evolving from Single harvesters to Triple operation.

 Almonds - All the way from White flowering to the tasty Nut we all love.

Sheep in fast motion-  for the past seven months I have been following a large flock of sheep, from winter pasture to the movement and arrival at the summer pasture. The size of the herd ranges from 1000-1700 sheep.

New Holland Olive harvester working in a field, Aerial follow footage.

Aerial work for John Deere Israel.

Tomatoe harvest.

Sweet Potato harvest - All stations

Grapefruit Picking 

Ferguson Baler discharging Hay Bales with a massive flock of white birds following.

Peanut harvester processing rows & Discharge.

Three Parsley Harvesters processing rows in tight formation, discharging and transporting.

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